Grano Milano Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Grano Milano tailor-made blends are the best-kept secret in the world of astonishing coffee tastes. Our capsuled coffee is more than a little morning or afternoon delight. You are welcome to reveal the secrets of Grano Milano today!

Tailor-Made Blends

Personality, remarkable aftertaste, and creativity―we’ve adopted best practice standards to create five Grano Milano coffee blends that stand out of the competition: Supremo, Ristretto, Espresso, Crema, and Ristretto Decaffeinato. Each tailored to fit a particular mood. Grano Milano is pure joy and sophistication in every cup of perfectly brewed and exquisite Italian coffee experiences. Better coffee―better mornings.

Smooth Velvety Crema

Grano Milano capsules are famous for their thick, velvety crema on top of each freshly brewed mug of coffee. Crafted by our experts to bring you one-of-a-kind coffee experience, our signature crema proudly says, “Grano Milano coffee is freshly roasted and naturally processed.”

Attractive Pricing

Without compromising the taste of top-quality Italian coffee blends and with focusing on manufacturing capsuled coffee that is good for the environment, our commercial expertise has helped us to bring on the market the high-standard product with an absolute cost advantage.


Positive Environmental Impact

Grano Milano coffee capsules have been tailored for a responsible consumer. We know what the research says about electricity consumption during brewing, heating, and wasting coffee for a single-serve and drip coffee preparation. Thus, we offer to opt for a more sustainable way of drinking coffee―with less coffee input, less use of water for one portion, and its flash-heating. 

Our Story

Grano Milano is the community of coffee connoisseurs dedicated to ensuring top-quality coffee capsules are affordable without compromising coffee flavor characteristics.

“It was an early morning when I woke up looking for an adventure. I was going to start my first job as a Barista in a small British local coffee shop,” says George Martin, Founder of Grano Milano. “That was when I fell in love with coffee for the rest of my life, I guess… As I had to wake up early, mornings were tough on me. Coffee could make my mornings better. I knew what quality coffee should taste like and I wasn’t able to have it at home. That’s probably when it all started. To make quality brews affordable and always available at home, I decided to move to Milan, Italy, and learn more about the industry. I was lucky to find the like-minded professionals”.

Together with the Partners, George Martin studied coffee, smells and sounds of perfect roasts. It took them years to find the best blends and discover sophisticated coffee tastes of high class.

For the last two years, George Martin’s Partners and the team cooperated with the consumers closely. We ran blinded experiments to collect feedback from the coffee gourmets. When compared to the market leaders, Grano Milano capsuled coffee was proved to have distinct aroma, flavour, and the aftertaste, with characteristic dense crema on top of each Grano Milano’s brew.

Following our consumers’ preferences and their prior experience, our high-priority mission has been to keep innovating with the capsules and improving them to develop an ideal design. Today, Grano Milano coffee capsules are tailored to preserve carefully selected coffee tastes and ensure each pod gets brewed safely and perfectly.

Better coffee ― better mornings. Grano Milano.

About Us

When purchasing a pod coffee machine, I thought it’d be a blessing and I’d have speedy no-frills brew-ups in the mornings and the afternoons...But then, there was the Disappointment as the coffee that came out of my Nespresso© machine was watery and just not as good as I expected.

Unfortunately, instead of smooth and calm mornings, many people start their days being less than satisfied with the jolts of caffeine that were expected to get us running.

At Grano Milano, we’ve decided to put an end to such disappointment and tasteless coffees!

Our original Italian coffee blends were created to ensure every capsule delivers perfect taste to our customers’ mugs and provides a true Gourmet experience.

The world’s favourite Nespresso© coffee machines are ideal for brewing Grano Milano and exploding its flavors and aromas.

More than 30 years of experience in the coffee industry has helped us to create a brand that is on the level with restaurant-quality coffee. Like skillful perfumers, our experts mixed different coffee varieties, explored beans, and roasts to create one-of-a-kind deeper and more sophisticated coffee experience. At Grano Milano, we are true innovators, professionals, and coffeeholics. Thanks to our commercial expertise, we have access to quality raw products and the possibility to build production and distribution, so as an exceptionally quality coffee would be much more affordable than the same-class competition.

For the last two years of coffee capsules creation, we’ve closely cooperated with our customers, collected their feedback, reviews, and suggestions. Today, we are proud to say that Grano Milano coffee capsules have been polished to perfection. Our pods are robust, get pierced easily during the brew, bear marks with most optimal coffee mug sizes, and let you make a perfect drink without any effort. Manufactured in Italy, Grano Milano capsules get brewed ideally.

We produce our capsule casings in an FDA approved environment and they do not contain toxic Halogens, Bisphenol A (BPA) or Phthalates. They are are made from PBT, food grade plastic with aluminium foil lids. Coffee capsules airtight and sealed in an oxygen-free environment, which enables them to stay fresh longer. To recycle, rinse out the coffee, remove the foil lid from the capsule and place them in the respective household bin.

Each and every Grano Milano blend is unique and delivers coffee flavors distinctly and exceptionally. We never stay still and always in search of new delicious coffee tastes.

Yours truly,

Grano Milano

Grano Milano Certificates of Compliance


We are committed to ensure Grano Milano coffee capsules are created, manufactured, and distributed in full compliance with the market and niche regulations and standards. Reasoning from this fact, we acknowledge that Grano Milano blends have earned certification from the Authorities as follows:

1. Compliance with IFS Food

SGS’s international food safety audits ensure compliance of Grano Milano coffee capsules with IFS Food―the International Featured Standard regulations applying to food processors and packers. International Featured Standard (IFS) Food is a GFSI-recognized standard for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes.

Higher level―97,92%.

2. Compliance with BRCS

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety began in the UK to help the food industry meet the legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act. Since that time, the Standard has received global recognition with over 20,000 certified sites worldwide.  The Standard is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised certification program.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a product and process certification standard known for compliance with the industry’s best practices. BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality. Certification is achieved by undertaking a third-party audit against Standard requirements by an accredited certification body (CB). BRC rates CBs on their technical performance and efficiency in customer service. Both FoodChain ID Certification in the UK and America are highly-rated CBs providing accredited BRC certification globally.

3. Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade certification is a product certification system where social, economic, and environmental aspects of production are certified against Fairtrade Standards for Producers and Traders. The Fairtrade system monitors the buying and the selling of the product until it is consumer packaged and labelled.

4. FDA Certificate of Registration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments. The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), cosmetics, animal foods & feed and veterinary products.

5. Kosher Certification

Kosher signifies food that our product meets with Jewish dietary law.

6. Conformity certificate organic product ICEA

Organic EU (Europe). EU Organic Farming (Regulation (EC) No. 834/07)

It certifies agricultural products, processed agri-food products, feed and pet food, aquaculture products, algae and microalgae (spirulina), yeasts.

It guarantees the conformity of organic production at all stages of the production chain, from farm to table, in compliance with the EU regulations (Regulation (EC) No. CE 834/07 and No. CE 889/08)

7. Compliance with the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8

Issue 8, published in August 2018, and the requirements continue to evolve from previous issues, with a strong emphasis on management commitment, a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)-based food safety program, and supporting quality management system.

With that said, the Grano Milano brand does its best to demonstrate trustworthy and proven compliance of its products with the market standards and requirements.

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