Grano Milano vs Nespresso coffee capsules comparison


While Nespresso offers its customers 24 different types of coffee and these are supplemented by changing special editions, at Grano Milano, you will find the larger selection with over 25 varieties! Especially flavored coffee lovers will find what they are looking for: with eleven different flavors – from chocolate to toffee nut – we are superior to Nespresso brand name capsules.

We are particularly proud that our range includes a wide selection of Fairtrade and Organic coffee which Nespresso brand cannot compete with – you will not find capsules from fair trade or organic labels from Nespresso brand. In addition, Grano Milano also offers the largest assortment of Fairtrade pods on the market.

Do you already have a favorite strain at Nespresso? Whether espresso, lungo, decaffeinated or flavored – here you will find the perfect equivalent:


With a price range between $0.70 and $1.00 per capsule, Nespresso capsules are particularly costly. Grano Milano coffee capsules are available from $0.39 to $0.56 each. In a direct comparison of the varieties you can save over 40% with us.

Take as an example the medium/strong Nespresso Roma with intensity 8 for $0.70 per capsule. We offer you a cheaper alternative with our Messico Blend Forte. With a price of $0.46 per capsule you save 34.3% in contrast to the original.

Do you also want to compare the capsule prices of other providers to find the best alternative to Nespresso? Here's the big price comparison:

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